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Improved Checkout Tracking and Detailed Event Tracking For One Of The UKs Largest Booking Management Software Provider

Affinity began working with SuperControl after successfully collaborating on a checkout tracking solution for Luxury Coastal. The brief was to implement a robust solution via Google Tag Manager that SuperControl could roll out to multiple booking agencies and single-let booking sites.

For many sites using the SuperControl booking system, their analytics attribution was suffering from the original referrer not being passed through the checkout, so the majority of bookings were being logged as direct visits and property managers were struggling to identify successful marketing channels through their standard Google Analytics reporting.

In the midst of this, there were also a significant number of larger booking agencies transitioning to GA4 and they were keen to ensure their tracking was set up correctly and that they were maximising data collection with as much as they possibly could.

Affinity’s Solution

The affinity marketing development team drew up a process for the SuperControl development team to follow, implementing specific data layers on the site that we could use through Tag Manager. 

Alongside this, we worked with the SuperControl team to find an ideal checkout set-up solution that would enable us to run cross-domain tracking back to the primary site domain:

The entire setup and structure of our solution including:

  • Cross-domain tracking
  • Custom-event tracking
  • Improved & enhanced reporting capabilities

Was all setup to run through Tag Manager, so the reporting and tracking improvements could be made available irrespective of how big the site was using SuperControl, it would be accessible for a single-let property owner with a small site, or a much larger holiday let booking agency.

The Results
  • SuperControl powered sites have significantly improved tracking capabilities ready for their transition to GA4
  • Site owners are now able to track and monitor every action and engagement with the SuperControl calendar - everything in the iFrame is now trackable

Partnering with Affinity to prepare for GA4 transition and implementing a robust conversion tracking solution for online bookings has been fantastic. Through Affinity’s knowledge, insight and support we have developed a reliable solution that enables our clients to get insightful data from their Google Analytics reports.

Charlotte Wight, Operations Director, SuperControl

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