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If there's one sector which has seen a seismic shift during the COVID-19 pandemic it's the food sector. With lockdown restrictions in place the demand for online ordering and delivery has increased dramatically. This change in consumer behavior has not just been experienced by the large online operators but also by local establishments - in this case Soothills Bakery in Fareham and Locks Heath.

There's been a bakery on the premises since the early 1900s (possibly earlier) and the current owners were struggling to cope with the increase in orders being placed and wanted a simple site allowing these orders to be placed and paid for online enabling Soothills to then schedule delivery.

Affinity designed and deployed a simple Shopify Ecommerce site to allow the client to commence online trading as soon as possible. This together with training and ongoing support on how to maintain the site has aided Soothills to react to their changing market place.


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