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Shopify Plus Ecommerce site for innovative trader

Otty is an innovative retailer of their self designed mattress products. Created by a young entrepreneur with a view to revolutionising the mattress industry the product has gained rave reviews, investment and impressive growth.

Initially charged with supporting their existing Ecommerce site and eradicating a number of issues which were having a negative contribution to conversion rates Affinity were then commissioned to build a new site to handle the response to a formidable online marketing campaign .

Fundamentally OTTY sell one product - their mattresses. Therefore it was essential that the platform and design chosen was simple, effective and would yield higher conversion.

Shopify Plus was the chosen platform and Affinity undertook the design and development including integration with a real time finance provider.

Since launch the site has been answering the objectives and is being continually developed to improve UX and conversion.

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