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Norfolk Care is part of Norfolk County Council’s dedication to providing support for the local community. Norfolk Care is the recruitment facet of the process and works to increase applications, provide support to carers, and offer information and guidance to those needing their services.

Affinity has worked with Norfolk Care on recruitment drives for several years now, and they wanted their most recent campaign to be as impactful as possible in the wake of the worldwide pandemic and the impact on our health and social sectors.


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54% decrease in cost per click

29% decrease in bounce rate

The Approach
These paid social campaigns aimed to build awareness of the service and what they do, but most importantly, generate recruitment applications and leads among job searchers. To facilitate this, we focused on Facebook advertising to best target everyday people who had the potential to become carers. We used a combination of location targeting with demographics and interests to refine our audience and decided on a two-pronged approach with campaigns focused on recruitment and another on free training courses. These campaigns ran alongside a wider marketing campaign, on Google Ads, and therefore the awareness and reach assisted in driving recruitment leads from a multi-channel perspective.

The Result
Widening the scope and testing different messages helped improve the leads generated compared to previous years and resulted in strong visibility and lead generation rates.

  • 61.55% Increase In Link Clicks Y-O-Y
  • 1.4m Impressions
  • Reduced cost per click


First and foremost I want to say that we had an absolutely brilliant experience with Affinity and we could not be happier with the result. From the very beginning the quality of their work stood out above their competitors.

James Brooks , Traded Services Officer, Norfolk County Council
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