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Implementing enhanced data measurement, GA4 and an overhauled paid search strategy has delivered record-breaking return levels for Luxury Coastal

Luxury Coastal originally reached out to us with an ongoing issue the business had with their Google Analytics tracking.

Key Highlights

  • Fixed data analytics tracking and attribution from a third-party iFrame checkout
  • Migrated Luxury Coastal over to next-gen GA4
  • Audited and re-worked paid search marketing to align with overall strategy and improve return on ad spend
  • Improved awareness and understanding of cost per booking and new acquisition costs through paid channels
  • Rollout of performance max campaigns to complement existing search and remarketing campaigns

42% Increased Traffic

3% Increased eCommerce Conversion Rate

38% Increased Bookings

46% Increased Revenue

The site was running a checkout system that sat within an iFrame on a separate domain, powered by the booking agency SuperControl that facilitated the calendar and booking process for their holiday bookings.

After gaining an understanding of the historical setup and the integration with the third-party booking agent, we subsequently got in touch directly with the third-party and worked out a resolution that would enable cross-domain tracking to pass back the original referrer and vastly improve the accuracy of data collection.

GA4 Launch

After fixing the data attribution issue, the next stage was to launch and roll out GA4 ahead of the July-23 migration deadline. By setting this up as early as possible, it put the business in a strong position to be able to access year-on-year comparative data sooner; plus it gave us a window of time to ensure the data was tracking as accurately as possible while universal analytics was still collecting data and being used as the primary reporting platform.

Custom Event Tracking

To improve Luxury Coastal’s knowledge and understanding of their traffic and to identify highly searched dates and properties, we worked both with Supercontrol and their external development team to add extensive custom event tracking that would pull in:

  • Dates & Properties Searched
  • Number of adults
  • Number of children
  • Length of stay
  • Search filters that were selected
  • Inspiration panels selected
  • & more.

This then formed the basis for an in-depth UX audit that profiled users, looked at user flows, exit pages, pain points and areas for improvement throughout the site, uncovering a series of data-led recommendations for the Luxury Coastal team to aspire to.

Paid Search Strategy

Alongside the data analytics project, the team worked with Luxury Coastal to get a thorough understanding of the paid search strategy and what the key objectives for 2023 were. The initial challenge was that the historical lack of data meant there was a manual process in calculating key KPIs to highlight where there was wasted spend and significant opportunities for improvement within the existing paid search setup.

The overarching conversation was excluding brand traffic, how can the business hit a specified targeted return going into 2023.

What we did:

  • Deep dive into the historical search term reports and analyse thousands of search term data to compile an “as standard” negative keyword list for the account
  • Recommend a new campaign structure to optimise for towns, properties and specific niche audience groups
  • Recommend and launch a new Performance Max campaign using targeted audience signals and audience data
  • Fixed the conversion tracking to ensure robust reporting, primarily via data-driven attribution. The reporting to Luxury Coastal is also split by brand, performance max and pure new acquisition campaigns for full visibility.

The Results

  • 2023 traffic increased 42%
  • 2023 eCommerce conversion rate increased 3%
  • 2023 bookings have increased 38%
  • 2023 revenue has increased 46%
  • Luxury Coastal reporting record split of direct bookings delivered by the site vs. third party sites and affiliates
The team at Affinity have been a massive help in getting our site tracking sorted, which then prompted further conversations around how we can improve our paid search activity and also led to them undertaking an in-depth UX audit to recommend some data-led changes to our site. We’ve been delighted with everything we’ve seen so far and the relationship we have with them has gone from strength to strength – we’re looking forward to what the future brings.
James Lund, Director, Luxury Coastal

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