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Initiating DA growth and mitigating Google Update impacts

Harrod Horticultural is one of the UK’s leading suppliers and sellers of gardening products.

Affinity has been working with Harrod Horticultural for several years in various digital marketing efforts. The main goal of the Affinity SEO and Outreach teams is to improve their organic search performance and visibility against their competitors.

  • Twice the DA growth compared to competitors*
  • Rapid recovery from Google Updates
  • 108% outreach success rate
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The Approach
We took a combined approach to both improve the SEO onsite and boost the growth with valuable backlinks.

This involved continual monitoring of the website and toxic link records to ensure disavow files were regularly uploaded. We also kept track of the google updates and the Domain Authority so we could act quickly to make any necessary changes for post-update recovery.

To generate valuable backlinks, we targeted relevant high DA sites with trending and topical content containing links to Harrod Horticultural products and pages.

The Result
Over the year in question, we were able to grow the Domain Authority of Harrod Horticultural against the trend of their competitors, who either stagnated, had marginal growth or saw their Domain Authority fall. As a result, Harrod Horticultural’s organic search traffic remained at a consistent and high level, while their competitor’s organic search traffic ebbed and flowed throughout the year.

  • An increase in highly valuable backlinks in 12 months
  • 14.5% improvement on the Domain Authority
  • Two times the growth of their competitors

*in the same period

We have worked with Affinity for 5 years and during this time we have developed a very strong working relationship. Since launching the site we have had complete site overhauls, a new mobile site not to mention the hundreds of updates and improvements that we have carried out and this is always carried out efficiently to meet our required deadlines. Affinity developed a good understanding of our business and at our meetings will readily advise of further developments or any new best practice that we should be considering and suggest the best ways to implement these changes.

Richard Braybrooke, Mail Order Online Manager, Harrod Horticultural
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