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Maximising sales and promoting their ethos

Harrod Horticultural is one of the UK’s leading suppliers and sellers of gardening products. From their humble beginning in the 1950s fishing net market, they’ve expanded and have been manufacturing and supplying top quality, UK-made horticultural structures, furniture and other supplies for over 20 years.

We’ve been a part of Harrod Horticultural’s development for over ten years and have been involved in everything from web development to PPC, CRO and more. So, when it came time to develop their social media advertisement, we were more than prepared to help.

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42% increase in average basket value

29% increase in new customer acquisition rates

The Approach
The goal of the Facebook paid social campaigns was to support their organic social activity, promote the brand to new consumers, and encourage checkout completion for previous site visitors. To facilitate this, we developed a series of campaigns focusing on different audience targeting – remarketing, prospecting, shopping and more. Each of these campaigns focused on testing messaging and ad types to discover customer insights. For example, do ‘Made In The UK’ messages work best for existing customers or prospects? Are Remarketing customers interested in shopping ads? With optimisation and refinement of this messaging, we were able to make informed adjustments to generate long-term, ongoing success.

The Result
This process of testing and refinement worked wonders on Harrod Horticultural’s return on investment and allowed us to translate the ebbs, flows and trends in customer behaviour into the best possible results.

  • 22 x Return On Ad Spend
  • 3.14m Impressions
  • Low cost per click


Always available on the end of the phone and willing to help, it’s a pleasant change to work with an agency that really wants to understand your business and help make it successful, we feel we are in very safe hands!


Richard Braybrooke, Mail Order Online Manager, Harrod Horticultural
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