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Ongoing CRO support for leading curtains manufacturer

Curtains Curtains Curtains is one of the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of curtains and fabrics.

The client’s request was simple: increase long-term profitability and revenue from their existing traffic. This could only be accomplished by introducing regular, on-going developments to the website and through extensive analysis of visitors’ behaviour and buying patterns.

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45% increase in profits

during the clients busiest trading month of the year

20% increase in revenue

compared to the previous year’s record

25% increase in transactions

year on year

23% conversion rate

overall rate combining desktop, tablet and mobile

Our Approach
Our solution was to focus exclusively on a structured Conversion Rate Optimisation programme, which aimed to increase the conversion rate and value of every visitor that arrived on the client’s website.

An in-depth audit of the client’s website and Google Analytics account provided the groundwork of identifying areas ripe for upgrades and “quick wins” that would maximise revenue. A number of initial improvements to the website were implemented, which would be used as a backbone for further updates, tests and improvements on an on-going basis. Regular consultancy was carried out with the client in the form of marketing recommendations and internal process changes, all of which were trialled to incrementally improve visitor value and increase conversion.

The Results
Over a 7-month period, a range of improvements were made to the site, including basket upgrades, content overhauls, a behavioural ECRM mailer campaign, user feedback to help identify customer quirks, as well as regular split testing of key landing pages to incrementally improve conversion rate performance.

The CRO updates and consultancy culminated in a 45% increase in profits during the client’s busiest trading month of the year, as well as the highest performing revenue month on record (a 20% increase in revenue compared to the previous year’s record). Comparing performance before and after CRO activities, transactions increased by 25% year on year, culminating in a mobile conversion rate increase of 21%, a desktop conversion rate increase of 11%, and a tablet conversion rate increase of 32%.

Affinity continue to work closely with Curtains Curtains Curtains, incrementally increasing visitor value, profitability and overall revenue.

Our relationship with Affinity goes back over 10 years. They answered a brief which many other agencies were unable to answer. Over the last decade they have continued to support us and maintain our market leading position. I would highly recommend them.

David Cooper, Director, Curtains, Curtains, Curtains
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