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Increasing online revenue through paid search advertising

Cley Spy is the trusted retailer for binoculars, monoculars, telescopes and accessories for wildlife and birdwatching.

Since opening its doors in 2001, Cley Spy have placed a firm focus on putting the customer first, offering sound, professional and honest advice. Fast forward fifteen years and Cley Spy is now one of the trusted figures in the industry and the go-to place for hobbyists interested in birding and wildlife.

Cley Spy approached affinity Affinity with the goal of increasing their online revenue through paid search advertising. As Norfolk’s trusted binoculars supplier, Affinity could see huge potential in marketing their products throughout the rest of the UK. Cley Spy had never before utilised any form of Pay-Per-Click advertising, therefore Affinity was tasked to plan a PPC campaign from scratch that would generate a workable return on investment.
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791% overall return on investment

846% PPC revenue increased

80% increase in PPC conversion rate

£0.22 cost per click

1000s of visitors delivered at a cost per click of £0.22

The Approach
From the outset, it was clear that Cley Spy’s product offering was very popular within birding and wildlife circles, but the challenge was to generate online sales without the business’ main USP of having an in-store wildlife area to test out the products.

Affinity opted to utilise PPC advertising via the Google Shopping platform, to generate brand awareness and optimise for a positive ROI. By pushing Cley Spy’s product on this highly visual and engaging advertising medium, affinity was able to instantly generate brand awareness, online revenue, and a healthy return on investment.

The Result

  • Affinity has delivered 1000s of visitors at a cost per click of £0.22
  • Overall ROI to date is 791%
  • PPC revenue increased by 846%
  •  80% increase in PPC conversion rate

In just six months of launching the PPC campaign, thousands of new users have been directed to the Cley Spy website. Overall PPC revenue has increased by 846%, with a healthy return on investment of 791%. The PPC conversion rate has steadily increased by 80%.

Affinity have consistently helped us achieve our long term marketing goals online, all the while taking the time to meet with us every month to discuss strategic direction, report on progress and provide us with key insights into our website performance.

Claire Knight, Ecommerce Manager, Start-rite Shoes
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