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A multi-channel marketing strategy delivering a profitable return for one of the UK’s oldest herbalists

Working closely across multiple marketing channels and with the eCommerce development team to focus on the core business objectives and maximise performance in a competitive online marketplace.

Our approach was to initially learn from historical data, get under the skin of what products were successful, which products needed visibility to be maximised in order to scale online sales profitably, and which products amongst the 000s of SKUs the business retailed had the potential to deliver increased sales with more exposure within the marketplace.


20% Increase In Conversion Rate

30% Increase In Annual Turnover


A 20% increase in conversion rate and 30% increase in annual turnover for a multi-million pound online retailer. 

Dates: 2022 compared to 2018 when we took over the account


The Detail

When we began working with Baldwins, the business set us targets of:

  • Increasing online footprint within the marketplace
  • Increasing sales, new customer acquisition and revenue
  • Maintaining a targeted return on ad spend

Working alongside this research, the team undertook an extensive audit of the site to determine the search-engine friendliness of the site holistically, and also at a category, sub-category and individual product level. 

Our audit took a deep-dive into the domain, the authority of the link profile, the expertise, authoritativeness and trust of the content and also cross-referenced the search result pages for the type of queries Baldwins needed to rank for and planned to adjust the content layout on the site accordingly.

By combining the historical data, with an extensive SEO audit and overarching view into the marketplace, we deployed a strategy which:

  • Focused paid search efforts on product-led queries via Google Shopping
  • Maintained a brand presence on paid search to communicate offers and maximise traffic, especially with mobile-results an extremely competitive space
  • Focused search-engine optimisation efforts on improving domain authority and targeting ranking improvements on remedy and product-based queries
  • Utilised email marketing as a tool to
    • Engage with existing customers with product and knowledge-based emails
    • Engage with potential and lapsed customers via targeted trigger-based emails
  • Used social media as a complementary channel that developed brand voice and amplified product knowledge and product offers

We measured a marked improvement in conversion rate, transactions, revenue and overall return, most notably in the initial stages by the introduction of smart email triggers, which had previously not been utilised by the business.

Over the long-term by focusing on product listings, quality content, strong offers and maximising visibility of key SKUs, it gave us the platform to deliver online growth for the business and in 2022, record a 30% increase in revenue compared to when we initially took over the account. 

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