Web Design & Build

Award winning web design which delivers growth

Affinity has an array of experience across digital channels that has fine tuned our ability to deliver a web experience to your users that propagates high end brand proposition. A well built website can give your customers the experience they would expect from your brand; helping you to build and nurture lasting business relationships.

Web design is an intricate creative process that includes visualising and planning how your brand; products; and services are displayed to customers. Web design also provides businesses with an opportunity to engineer how they would like users to feel when they interact with your brand. The core elements are electronic files that induce how your site will look in terms of colour; fonts; general layouts; images; interactive content; and the structure of how your pages are laid out. All of these elements should come together seamlessly to ensure your online presence is the best it can be.

Affinity considers user experience as one of the key elements of a new website. Our experienced developers will undertake task analysis in order to have an in depth understanding of how users are likely to behave on your website to achieve the goal of their visit. Using the information we gather from user analysis and utilising tools including site maps; workflows; prototypes and digital mock ups we create the structural core and user interface with both your needs and your customers’ needs in mind.

Our web developers are experts in interfaces that focus on user experience...

We aim to build you a website that allows users to navigate and complete tasks effortlessly and quickly. Each site we build has bespoke creative elements including applications that allow us to create unique features upon request. Our developers are highly skilled across a number of platforms and aim to deliver a website to encompass your vision whilst delivering results.

At Affinity, all build project customers have access to a development website which includes a section for notes and any additional communications. That allows customers to view real time changes and developments to their project. Our customers also have their own account manager to aid with any queries and or requests that you may have. Your Affinity account manager will also liaise with you regarding the time schedules for your project and any other relevant communication.

Affinity has delivered growth with both established and emerging organisations. We work with both eCommerce and lead generation clients to deliver a comprehensive; cost effective; and unique website to suit your needs that also provides a great experience to those using your site.