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Web App Development

Web Applications

Affinity can deliver highly immersive; interactive online experiences. We make use of the latest cutting edge technologies and web development techniques. This enables your website visitors to experience more intuitive and rewarding journeys.

The key benefits of presenting a richer; more interactive online experience to your users include:

  • Tailoring the experience directly to user preferences; current location and social activities across other websites.
  • Making use of a more portable set of technologies that scale effectively across multiple devices and platforms.
  • Creating a rich; native feeling experience for devices; using a standard set of technologies that can be applied to multiple competing platforms e.g. Android & Apple effortlessly.
  • Removing some of the traditional barriers to conversion; by streamlining the user journey and increasing the speed at which pertinent content is delivered to users.
  • Encouraging more effective brand interaction and creating a platform for immediate feedback and creative marketing.