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Supporting Your Campaigns From Start To Finish

Our expertise covers everything from brand work to creative design, direct marketing and innovative advertising.

We’re multi-channel specialists, so why not explore how our digital and marketing teams can support your campaigns from start to finish with years of experience and varied skillsets to back it all up.


We’re Experts In…


With more than 30 years in the business, we’ve worked with brands ranging far and wide across multiple industries, so you know we have the experience and skills needed to help your brand come to life.

If you require a new brand from scratch or need creative support developing and expanding your existing one, our expert creative designers have their thinking caps on and keyboards at the ready to help.

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With the right targeting options in place, your mail-outs can bring in valuable footfall and work wonders on your sales figures, and we have valued relationships with nationwide distributors and an experienced team in place to help.

Reaching a location-specific or retail footprint audience is easier than ever when you partner with our direct marketing specialists. They excel in distribution research and campaign management so you can focus on the bigger picture.

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Traditional advertising still has an impact on your customers and drives awareness and engagement. We can help you maximise your investment and see real improvements in your brand impact.

From TV to radio, print to out-of-home, our advertising specialists have the media planning knowledge and investigative skills to find the right communication method for your target market.

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Creativity and visual marketing are an essential part of your branding. It’s in your packaging, communications, website, social media and more, so ensuring yours is working in the right way is a must.

With the valuable experience and skillsets they’ve developed over the years, our expert designers, artworkers, illustrators and photographers can help you convey your brand message in the way you desire.

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How Can We Help?

When you need more than digital or eCommerce support, the only answer is a full-service agency with multi-channel experience.

We understand that traditional advertising methods aren’t over and that a truly cohesive marketing plan starts from your brand down. Your strategy is only as strong as the weakest link, so making sure every piece of the marketing chain works in the way you need is crucial. Our experts can take a whole view of your brand and activity to make insightful recommendations and help you maximise your impact.

From brand work to creative elements, traditional advertising or direct marketing, we take out the guesswork and partner with you to make it work. Check out our case studies to find out more, or get in touch today to see how we can work together. .

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We have worked with Affinity over many years and have always found them to be a pleasure to work with.

With a strong creative team and efficient Account Management and Client Service operations, I have no hesitation in recommending them to other potential clients.

Sue Goodchild, Director, Goodchild Marine
Goodchild Marine