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Content outreach is a valuable digital marketing tool to support your SEO activity. It’s often called digital PR or link building services since it results in a catalogue of valuable backlinks which improve your authority and visibility in the eyes of Googles spiders. But we all know it’s far more than that.

Content Outreach is a way to share your brand, build valuable relationships and reach a wider, more varied audience

At Affinity, we begin our content outreach work by assessing trending topics, common queries, and competitor sites to help us choose a relevant and suitable topic. Next, we craft knowledgeable content that appeals to your audience and offers educational and valuable messaging. Through related keywords and carefully targeted research, we then tactically source and pitch the content to websites with like-minded audiences to help share your brand, business, and thoughts.

Each successful pitch and published article works in the long term to support your authority with Google and improve your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings on related searches. But it also provides value to the end reader and the hosting site – it’s a give and take that’s valuable for all.

We focus on:

  • Valuable content
  • Appropriate topics
  • High authority and relevant hosting sites
  • Expertly written copy
  • Long-term DA growth

Our expert content and outreach team have years of experience in crafting quality content and providing valuable link building services.

We’ve also curated mutually beneficial relationships with a wide range of influential bloggers, online publications, and news sites. So, whether you have a product or Press Release you’d like to shout about or want to support the long-term growth of your brand, take a look at our case studies for more information or contact us to see how we can help.

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Content Outreach

Affinity have been Sharps Bedrooms’ appointed Digital Agency for over 4 years. It’s their ability to ensure Sharps remain on the curve of digital marketing developments coupled with a robust and trusted team who can react that continues to impress and reassure Sharps.

Stephen Morley Marketing Manager Sharps Bedrooms

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