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Comprehensive data assessment and Google Analytics Audits are invaluable within your marketing strategy. They can help evaluate trends which inform your sales activity, provide insights into your audience, uncover user journey activity and more. However, getting to the core of your data and uncovering actionable insights is no quick or easy feat.

We are data specialists with expertise in GA4, statistical analysis, experimentation and multi-channel user journeys.

With the imminent implementation of GA4 and the advanced analytical tools available, we can help you stay on top of your objectives and analysis, so your business is prepared.

An objective-led, whole site approach
Our experienced data analysts work with businesses of all sizes to understand objectives and provide deep-level analysis reports and data-led recommendations that identify actionable areas for improvement.

Our expert analytical team can help you extract and contextualise years of untapped user data to ensure your business is well equipped to make smart decisions that will help grow your online business. From GA4 implementation to custom event tracking and extensive detailed audits – we’ve got you covered.

For an in-depth discussion with our Google Analytics Audit specialists to see how they could help you improve your site and make data-led adjustments, get in touch today. Or to find out more, explore our latest work in our digital marketing case studies.

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Analytics & Audits

Had an issue with a third party analytics account set up, Matthew fitted us in quickly and resolved in 2 mins! It was really great to get that agency to agency support without any fear of conflict. An experience which made us smile! Highly recommended.

Jennifer Wellford Director, Antelope Agency
Antelope Agency

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Ensuring accuracy in data collection & GDPR compliance to maximise learning potential from your analytics platform.


GA4 implementation and custom event tracking via Google Tag Manager.


Deep-level user analysis using multi-channel data, funnelisation and segmentation to understand your customers and uncover growth potential.


Data-driven recommendations that feed into A/B split-tests to improve your conversion rate.

Event Tracking

Go beyond standard data collection and track unique interactions and engagement on your website.

Case Studies

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