User Experience (UX)

UX as the cornerstone of good design practise

All of the Affinity design team are experienced in designing websites with User Experience (UX) as the cornerstone of good design practise.

Affinity working processes for design maintains that users should be considered throughout the website design process. UX is not an afterthought. Testing and fixing a website after it has been built is inefficient and unlikely to produce good results. The Affinity design team incorporate a model of “pervasive usability” into all design and production processes.

The benefits of planning usability into any given project are:

  • Increased end-user satisfaction
  • Increased end-user productivity, success, and completion
  • Reduced long-term development costs (costs incurred from fixing poorly designed products)
  • Reduced training and support costs
  • Repeat business to improve a site’s competitiveness