Google Analytics Advanced Training

This training course is perfect for Google Analytics users who want to build on their existing knowledge and learn more advanced techniques that will allow them to better understand their website’s users. Topics covered will include content labelling, behavioural flow, split-testing, advanced user segmentation and user profiling – all areas that allow webmasters and marketers to better understand in more granular detail what impact their traffic has on conversion, whilst painting a more informed picture on how users behave. 

The module is an ideal follow-up to the Fundamentals training course, giving a more advanced viewpoint of how Google Analytics can help shape your online strategy based on hard data and how professional agencies use this data to make more informed decisions. 

Written and delivered by a Google-Certified Analytics expert, this training course is ideally suited to website managers, webmasters or marketing managers who would like to master Google Analytics and understand more actionable information about your website and its users. Includes a takeaway booklet of the course.

What this module covers

  • advanced segmentation
  • user profiling
  • content labelling
  • behavioural flow analysis
  • cross device tracking
  • split-testing
  • channel assisting
  • channel attribution modelling

What you will gain

  • an insight into how agencies use google analytics
  • a better understanding of the multitude of paths users take
  • how to profile users into various buyer/lead types
  • an understanding of how users research and finally convert
  • how to drill down into more valuable, actionable data
  • how to approach split tests
  • how to identify valuable channels and better report their value to departments

"The Google Analytics training which was provided to the small group allowed us each to understand specific areas of the system which were applicable to the companies which we work for. The trainer took an interest in the current knowledge of the Google Analytics system and how each of our website(s) were configured to be able to deliver the most appropriate explanations of the system using real life examples. The training material also provided has been a great reference point following on from the training to allow me to review specific points raised in the training session and apply it to my own system as required. I’m very happy with the service and would be happy to attend future training sessions in the future on other subjects if needed." ASAP Supplies


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