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Understanding your market, your customers, where they are and how they respond is the first key step in delivering a successful marketing campaign. At affinity we use several years’ experience in user behaviour and data analysis to deliver successful campaigns time and time again.
Increasing your visibility online, either via the search engines or social media, Affinity will intelligently target your users and boost where you are visible and by how many, to ensure you get in front of the right audience.
Whether measuring success from bookings, sales, enquiries or leads, increasing conversions is ultimately your end goal. Affinity shares this goal, so increasing conversions and ROI is at the heart of everyone of our client’s campaigns.

The marketing team at Affinity have been crucial in the success of Start-rite's online strategy. Since taking over and managing our online marketing channels, Affinity have consistently helped us achieve our long term marketing goals online, all the while taking the time to meet with us every month to discuss strategic direction, report on progress and provide us with key insights into our website performance. Whatever targets and objectives we throw at Affinity, they absorb and assess them, and produce creative, transparent marketing strategies that deliver the results we need to allow us to grow our cherished brand online.

Claire Knight, Ecommerce Manager, Start-rite Shoes

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