Deliver content to your audience lightning-fast with Accelerated Mobile Pages

Internet users have grown impatient. They want to access and consume information fast, and have it load instantly. Studies show that 85% of mobile users expect pages to load faster than they load on a desktop. It is imperative for websites that deliver content for pages to load quickly, and for the content to be easily digested by an audience.

What is AMP?
AMP pages have been created to make the mobile-browsing experience better for everyone. AMP pages work by stripping down the code on your page so it loads instantly from the Google search results. Our talented team of web developers have recommended AMP pages for all websites that deliver content, giving site owners the best chance of being found in Google.

How affinity can help
We work with businesses that are both leaders in their respective industries and those that are looking to build their reputation to ensure that they’re found in the Google results pages. The new AMP pages are being shown on content-related queries above the normal blue link listings, underlining the importance of having these available on your site.

Our web developers are able to take your current content and turn it into lightning fast, accessible content which both Google and your audience will love. Our team at affinity will advise, plan and execute a strategy to make your website load faster and benefit from increased traffic from search engines.

If you would like further information about AMP, please click here to register your interest and a member of our client services team will contact you.