Business Blogging Module 2

Module 2: The techniques and skills to crafting an engaging blog post  

An ideal follow-up to module 1, or for those who already have an established business blog, this module provides everything attendees need to know about how to craft an engaging blog post. 

This training seminar is aimed at those who will be writing the blog posts for their business and offers a complete overview of how to create new blog posts. The course covers the basics of how to write, what makes an engaging blog post, how to add images and videos to blog posts and the type of language that should be used. It also covers how to structure a blog post, what to write about, how often to post new content and what not to write. Finally, it will provide information on how to edit and proofread blog posts to a professional standard. 

What this module covers: 

  • The basics of writing a blog post
  • How to structure a blog post 
  • What makes an engaging blog post 
  • Adding images and videos to your blog post 
  • What to write about  
  • How often to add new posts to your blog  
  • Type of language to use
  • What not to write 
  • The editing process 

What you will gain 

  • An understanding of the basics to good writing 
  • The ability to structure well-crafted blog posts
  • The knowledge of what makes an engaging blog post
  • The ability to create ideas for a blog post
  • An understanding of the type of language to use when writing 
  • An ability to edit and proofread your blog posts to a professional standard    

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