Business Blogging Module 1

Module 1: An introduction to business blogging 

For those with little to no experience of business blogging, this training seminar is the ideal introduction. This module provides a complete introduction to business blogging and ensures attendees fully understand this area of content marketing and the benefits it provides. 

This blogging training seminar has been designed for business owners and marketing professionals. It provides a guide to business blogging from the basics of what a blog is to how blogging evolved. It covers the differences between a business blog and a personal blog, what makes a good business blog and includes examples of good and bad blogging. As well as this, it covers the benefits of a business blog, the link between social media and blogging and how to measure success. 

What this module covers: 

  • What is a blog?
  • The evolution of blogging 
  • The difference between a business blog and a personal blog 
  • Social media and blogging 
  • The benefits of a business blog 
  • What makes a good business blog 
  • Good and bad business blogs  
  • Third-party blogging
  • How to outreach to bloggers 
  • How to measure the success of your blog 

What will you gain: 

  • A comprehensive understanding of what makes a business blog 
  • The ability to differentiate between a personal and business blog
  • The knowledge of how a blog will benefit your business 
  • An understanding of good and bad blogging practice 
  • The knowledge of how to promote your business blog and where to promote it
  • The ability to measure the success of your business blog 

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