SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Organic search is vital to any business who want to be visible on search engines, however, it's something companies can easily get wrong. To ensure you aren't missing business opportunities or visibility, Affinity agency has combined a range of things to ensure the best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work is being done for your business.

SEO Audit

By starting off with an SEO audit, we are able to put down the foundation of where your business is at and we know where to start in order to improve your rankings and visibility. We can also establish if your site has technical SEO issues that need to be sorted as this could hinder the ongoing optimisation and progress.

Keyword Research

Each business has a set of keywords that is more relevant to them than others are, based on that, specific keywords are more likely to help convert your website visitors. By having a data-driven approach, we are able to identify what the best approach would be to increase the revenue from organic search.

Link Building

As part of the ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work to further improve search rankings, we are able to build, relevant and high-quality links from authorative websites.

Mobile Optimisation

The mobile-first indexing will make a difference to your rankings, mobile-first simply means that the mobile version of your website will be considered first in terms of how rankings are determined. Our job will be to ensure your website mobile friendly and having a mobile-focused approach to optimisation across the website and content.

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