World Famous Christmas Spectacular returns with Affinity's help

We’re delighted to announce we’ve been selected for the fifth year running to produce Thursford’s Christmas Spectacular brochure. The Christmas Spectacular is a popular event, well known for its high quality, festive-themed production - full of singing, dancing and music.
Their 2019 show was sold out and this is their first production returning after a hiatus due to COVID-19. The show will run from the 9th of November til the 23rd of November and Affinity’s Creative Director - Gideon Graylyons has been busy art directing the photography and designing this years programme. 

“It’s always a challenge, the brochure needs to be printed a day after we have wrapped up the photo shoot and designed the book” commented Gideon but I think you'll agree a picture paints a thousand words and the outtake below demonstrates just how much he enjoys the challenge!