Social Media to play an even more important role for retailers.

COVID-19 has changed many things and will continue to do so. A sector which has been effected more than any other is Retail.

For some, especially those with a strong online proposition, it’s been a time of great opportunity where search levels have seen exponential growth. For others it’s been a real challenge.

Retail analytics giant GlobalData suggest marketing budgets across the sector have been a key casualty of the pandemic. Many retailers have simply slashed budgets to help preserve cash reserve to help them stay afloat. Makes sense but what happens post pandemic as we ease out of lockdown?

Affinity strongly believe Social Media is set to play an even more important role for retailers. Why?

Firstly Social Media provides a cost-effective form of marketing when budgets are tight. Measurable, highly targeted campaigns and clear KPI’s give even modest campaigns the best chance of success.

Furthermore, the pandemic has resulted in even higher usage of Social Media. Reports suggest 43.7 per cent of time-rich consumers are spending more time on social media since lockdown. This provides online retailers even more opportunity to drive traffic, increase brand awareness and leverage user-generated content.

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