Google will phase out Universal Analytics by July 2023

Did you know that Google will phase out Universal Analytics by July 2023? It will be replaced with the all-new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) which is the next generation measurement solution.

However, moving over GA4 is not as simple as a button click as it’s a completely new product that will require full migration to ensure your data is reporting correctly. 

So, why should businesses move to GA4? It organises data differently and takes into account the consumer lifecycle that most marketers are familiar with, such as acquisition, engagement, monetization, and retention. Data will be driven in terms of events as opposed to page views and sessions, offering a harmonised, insightful view on figures for companies that are present on a wide range of platforms. 

Get ready for the switch and make a headstart on gathering better data whilst ensuring your business is prepared for the future. If you would like Affinity to answer your questions about the switch please click here