Magento Mobile eCommerce

The Affinity approach to web design is forward thinking and dynamic; and we aim to stay ahead of the ever changing industry in which we operate. This is why we have a ‘mobile first’ approach to building our eCommerce websites. It’s never been more important to have a mobile friendly website with web users opting to use mobile options more frequently than ever before.

How It’s Made

Our experienced team of DBS security checked developers use responsive grids to build your mobile friendly site; these grids can be adapted to any mobile device. This means that it doesn’t matter which mobile device your potential customers are using; the site will work exactly as it does on a desktop computer. This type of design is important as it’s also how Google prefers mobile sites to be built according to their guidelines. As of 2015 Google are using the existence of mobile friendly website a ranking factor. A new mobile friendly website in Magento 2 could improve your mobile eCommerce operation; the latest offering from Magento comes with a number of responsively designed elements to improve mobile sites and ultimately increase your stores performance.    

Mobile Friendly Benefits

Statistics show that web users are continuingly using mobile options for browsing and shopping more frequently. It’s important to have a mobile friendly website in order for you to maintain your brands online presence and not lose any potential traffic. With the updates made to Magento 2 user experience is now better than before; this means your mobile friendly eCommerce site is more likely to convert visitors to your store than before. With a mobile friendly website you are able to deliver the information that visitors are looking for quickly on the go. As mobile users spend more it’s important that they enjoy their mobile experience to encourage them to make a purchase. Having a mobile friendly website is essential in today’s market to drive your eCommerce operation forward.