Mobile Applications

The figures speak for themselves…..

25 % Ecommerce traffic arriving from mobile in 2014

36% Ecommerce traffic arriving from mobile in 2015

For many business owners the majority of digital interactions with their brand or business start with a visit or search via a mobile device. Affinity is here to help you embrace and benefit from the mobile digital revolution and understand your consumers; your business; and translate this into mobile website development; app design and mobile marketing solutions.

Responsive Web Design

Affinity utilise the very latest coding technology to provide a seamless user experience. Our award winning responsive design will adapt and record what the user sees in their browser depending on what size window the user has open on their desktop or handheld device. Affinity are at the forefront of these latest techniques as the type and sizes of devices that users interact your website with are rapidly changing. In the real world we cannot predict what size screen or browser window a user will be viewing a website on so where content is critical; responsive (or adaptive) web build is an important asset for a website.


Affinity can guide you through all stages of creating an app that will deliver return; awareness or whatever else your objective may be. We start with the idea for your app and then guide you through the design; creation right through to publishing and promoting it. Affinity offer in house cross platform mobile development for iOS; Android; and Windows.