Magento Third Party Software Integration

Magento is the most popular eCommerce web platform being used today. The software has garnered a huge following since its launch due to the variety of features it offers users. Magento is a flexible and agile system that has a number of great features ‘straight out of the box’ but importantly; can also be integrated with a number of existing systems you may already have in place. If you are reluctant to switch to Magento because of existing systems you’re using; Magento can easily be integrated with many third party pieces of software including both ERP and CRMs.

Why Is Magento So Popular?

Magento is an open source PHP system (similar to WordPress blog platform) which means that developers can alter code; and add bespoke features to eCommerce sites within the platform. The open software is the reason that Magento eCommerce sites have the level of flexibility that they boast. If you are not already using ERP or CRMs, Magento can still be integrated with lots of third party stock management programmes; delivery software; accountancy software and other pieces of software simplifying your business management through your eCommerce website. Magento is the most powerful eCommerce platform online today and the best option for your existing online store.

Integrating Your Existing Software

We have a number of experts highly experienced in working with third party partners and software systems within the Magento eCommerce platform. Our developers can work existing systems and new extensions into the workflow of your current website. This means that new customers don’t have to naturally change their back-office systems. Once our team has integrated your existing systems into Magento you will be able to streamline a number of business practices by working solely in your Magento dashboard. You will also have added agility to your site and be able to make your desired changes with ease. Integrating your existing site and systems with Magento will improve your business practices as well as your customers’ site experience with additional functions and greater performance.