Magento Security & Performance

The security of your website is imperative; at Affinity we have a particular focus on ensuring that websites we have built are secure. Our eCommerce developers take a proactive approach to eliminating potential security threats to websites they have built.

Is Magento Secure?

Magento is owned by eBay one of the largest eCommerce businesses in the World. The popular platform has been designed with security in mind. Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the web already. Many of the World’s biggest online retailers are already using Magento as the software’s reputation for security is second to none. Magento is constantly improving with updated support for MySQL 5.6 and PHP 5.5 in increase site performance.  

The Affinity Approach To Security

Our Magento eCommerce developers stay ahead of any potential security threats to our customer’s websites. We eliminate the possibility of threats affecting your site as early as possible. At the first any hint of possible security threats our Magento experts who are all DBS security checked themselves will provide security patches to maintain the integrity of your eCommerce site. Magento provides great support for its software through the security centre feature on the company’s website. Along with our proactive approach Magento alert their community to updates on security issues and release new security patches allowing us to lock your websites security down.