Magento Marketing

As one of the UK’s top certified Magento developers, we understand the true power that the world’s leading e-commerce platform can offer. That’s why affinity is the agency of choice when it comes to delivering successful digital marketing campaigns for your Magento website.
Our award-winning marketing services grants you access to a wealth of coveted expertise, comprising our in-house team of marketing strategists, creative designers, SEO experts, social media gurus and PPC analysts - not to mention our Magento-certified developers - to deliver you PROVEN return on investment.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Technical SEO on a Magento website requires a strong mix of SEO knowhow and Magento expertise. With over 25 years of combined experience in SEO, specifically on Magento websites, our marketing experts not only understand the importance of your organic rankings and how to maximise your visibility, but also how to leverage and navigate through the technicalities of the Magento interface. 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

As a Premier Google partner, affinity’s team of PPC experts are no stranger to planning, setting up and delivering successful campaigns to Magento e-commerce and lead-generation websites. Whether you require a high-return search campaign, or a multi-device programmatic display project that puts your brand in focus for your core demographic, affinity can plan a project that will work for your business and Magento website.


Want to target your existing Magento visitors, claw back lost business and drive repeat custom? Our skilled Magento marketers can implement intelligent remarketing tracking and campaigns for your business that drive true value. We can ensure that your products are shown to your existing visitors at just the right time, putting your products and services clearly into focus – wherever your users may be.

Social Media Marketing

Why not leverage the power of social media AND see results? Affinity’s team of social media strategists can deliver a social media campaign that works for you. Whether you want to grow your social media audience, run a direct response campaign that generates sales, or implement an intelligent social content marketing solution to drive brand awareness and engagement; affinity will design a social media campaign that works perfectly for your Magento website.

Analytics and Data Analysis

Data is the oil of the 21st century, and affinity understand how to leverage the vast amount of data that your Magento website accumulates. From reporting which marketing channels drive value to your website, to understanding the journey your users take from one page of your site to the next – affinity can make sense of your digital data and provide you with actionable insights which you can take away to grow your business from the inside, while we help grow it from the outside.

Conversion Rate Optimisation 

A successful CRO programme not only requires on-going testing and analysis, but continual site re-developments and upgrades. Our data analysts, UX experts and Magento developers work in tandem to provide you with a Conversion Rate Optimisation programme that integrates seamlessly with your website, working in the background to constantly improve conversion rates and maximise your revenue.  

Looking for a digital marketing solution for your Magento website? Contact affinity and speak with one of our Magento marketing experts today.