Dedicated Magento Hosting

At Affinity we provide a dedicated Magento hosting service; we have invested a considerable amount of resources in calibrating our hosting service to ensure that Magento websites of all sizes are quick and function effectively.  

Why Choose Affinity?

We have invested in web and database servers that are specifically configured for the Magento platform. This means that we have eliminated potential hosting issues that can arise from hosting a Magento site on servers that are not suited to the job. Although cheap shared hosting exists it’s simply not suitable for a focused Magento eCommerce operation due to the platform being processor hungry; this is something that comes with the territory of such a flexible and customisable system. Don’t be fooled because your exiting hosting can run a WordPress site seamlessly, as Magento is a different more powerful beast entirely. Our developers also have full version control over our Magento sites; as we deploy everything using SVN we can roll back unwanted changes from your site as well as keep track of all changes made.

Customised Work for Optimum Speeds

Our developers tweak query, block, and session caching data to serve pages as quickly as possible. This means that background code enquiries that may otherwise need to run every time are cached so pages respond faster.  We are also using the lightning fast Nginx web server which is faster than the more widely used Apache server; Nginx is designed for efficiency and responsiveness and that’s what we want to offer our clients as well. Our developers also have full SSH access to our servers, this means that we can install almost any data packages that you require; transfer files securely; have remote login to shells and many other tasks. Our hosting solution is specifically tailored for Magento sites; along with our other Magento services is a great option for any eCommerce operation. Our hosting service are also scalable so you only have to pay for the hosting capacity your website uses.