Magento Extension & Plugins

At Affinity we have the ability to enhance your website through the use of a wealth of extensions and plugins; there are thousands already available, and we have the knowledge and expertise to implement the right extension or plugin for your website.

What Are Extensions & Plugins

One of the main benefits of Magento’s open PHP software is that there is a huge variety of extensions and plugins available to customise your eCommerce website to your business needs. Extensions and plugins are essentially bolt-ons for your website – they either provide an additional function, or help to make an existing function perform better.

Some examples of where an extension or plugin could be used include:

  • Optimising payment pages to increase the likelihood of customers that reach the checkout process on your site and purchase from your store.
  • If the search function on your website is not being used, you could use a plugin optimise your visitors experience so people use it to find what they are looking for.
  • Recapture lost customers by sending follow up emails to people who add items to their basket but don’t complete their purchase.

These are just three examples of what extensions and plugins are and how they can be used to improve your eCommerce store.   

Cost Effective Development

Magento is a cost effective eCommerce option as due to a number of elements of which extensions and plugins are essential; you can build a system that is tailored to you and your business needs. This means that the cost you put into your Magento website allows you to focus on the elements that are necessary to your eCommerce operation. At Affinity we have an experienced team of DBS security checked developers that work to ensure the extensions and plugins you select for your website are optimised to help your business goals. Another huge benefit is you can feel safe in the knowledge that the development time being spent on your site is going towards improving specific elements of the site you want to target. Optimising your eCommerce operation with specially selected extensions and plugins will improve the user experience of potential customers visiting your site.