Magento eCommerce Development

Magento is a very popular eCommerce platform for many of our clients, due to the flexible nature of its open software. The flexibility that Magento gives our developers also contributes to this platform being a commercially sensible eCommerce website solution. Affinity can offer you a variety of options if you are looking to move an existing website over to Magento; or looking to upgrade an existing Magento site to Magento 2. If you are unsure on which options are best for you; we can carry out a free audit of your existing website and provide a tailored service to best suit your business needs.

Why Migrate To Magento?

Magento offers a variety of additional features to your eCommerce site as it is an open source PHP system. Firstly it opens your website up to an array of installations to improve your site’s performance. Magento also gives you much greater control over the scalability of your site; due to the software being written in PHP, you can easily add new features. The software was built with SEO efficiency in mind with well-structured HTML; automatic Google sitemaps; and you also have full control over titles and meta data. These are essential features for eCommerce websites as they are typically more difficult to optimise than other websites. Magento can also be integrated with your existing web store to offer customers a fast and dynamic user experience.

Upgrading Your Existing Magento Website to Magento 2

For users already using Magento there are a number of reasons to consider upgrading to Magento 2. The core reason is that aside from bug fixes and security issues; Magento 1 is no longer going to be the focus; this means no new features and updates for version 1. With Magento 2 you will get continued ongoing support; improved usability; as well all the latest technology updates from Magento. Magento 2 is the frontrunner and future of eCommerce technology; it is important to stay current with your website to continue success. As with the previous version of Magento you will have access to a range of tools including SEO management; marketing management; and the continued open and flexible architecture. Other benefits include faster page loading; easy maintenance; and secure payment gateways.

Magento 2 has given our developers the ability to deliver a cutting edge eCommerce website for you. With a Magento 2 site your customers will enjoy a greater user experience that contributes to drive your business goals forward and develop your businesses eCommerce.