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Whether you’re an existing Magento user or are looking to commission a Magento agency to build your first site, Affinity can assist you in expanding your ecommerce offering. We’re one of the top certified Magento 1 and Magento 2 agency developers in the UK, and our in-house team of Magento experts possess a wealth of experience in creating, deploying and supporting Magento sites.


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Magento 1 to Magento 2 upgrade
Magento 1 will no longer be supported from June 2020, so it’s time to figure out your Magento 2 migration before you get left behind. We can help make the transition to Magento 2 as seamless and easy as possible, getting you fully upgraded and up to date with little fuss, allowing your site to function better than ever before.

Magento 1 - re-platforming options 
If you decide you’d rather switch platforms instead of transferring to Magento 2, then have a chat with our specialists about a Magento migration. We’ve got a wealth of experience when it comes to cross platform transfers, and can move your business onto any new host you’d like. WooCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, and more. Take your pick and we’ll get the job done.

Ongoing Magento support and development
Websites are like children; you always need to keep an eye on them. As an industry leading Magento developer company, we can offer ongoing support for your Magento website, making sure everything is ticking along smoothly and is always fully developed, updated, and not getting itself into any trouble.

Magento integration with POS, ERP and CRM systems
Integrating your POS, ERP and CRM systems with your Magento site can be a bit fiddly. Fortunately, we have a whole team of highly qualified Magento experts, ready and waiting to fuse your site with any system you just can’t get by without.

Specialist Magento internet marketing service
Having a website is only one side of the coin when it comes to digital marketing. Our in-house digital marketing agency is on hand to help you with everything you need to get your site in front of your target audience. From Search Engine Optimisation (ecommerce SEO) to Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), social media, outreach and content marketing strategies, we can increase your organic rankings, traffic, and ultimately your profits. See our Magento Marketing page for more detailed insights on how we help our clients reach peak performance.

Magento Conversion Rate Optimisation
It’s all well and good having a site that looks great, but does it convert well? There are a million reasons why customers don’t convert, and our specialist Conversion Rate Optimisation team are here to help you avoid all those little pitfalls. The digital marketing agency will get your audience on site, and our in-house CRO agency team will make sure they convert. Simple. 

Magento 1 Will Cease

Magento 1 will cease being supported from June 2020

If you've been considering upgrading from Magento 1 to 2... don.t leave it too late.

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We.re proud to have Certified Magento Developers.

Our Magento Developers are certified in front and back end development, with experience developing Magento 1 and 2, community and Enterprise. Our team have developed and launched small and big sites, and whatever your requirements we have the knowledge and expertese to help.

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our clients say

.When WMC were seeking a new digital partner we required an agency who were not only experienced in and understood Ecommerce but also could approach the project from a sound commercial perspective. Our resulting Magento site designed and built by Affinity delivered these requirements and their ongoing support gives us the confidence we require in this important retail channel. Their level of expertise, advice and patience has been invaluable to us and I would not hesitate to recommend their services..

Danny Louden | Online Marketing Manager

Wembley Music Centre