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“Affinity have been Sharps Bedrooms’ appointed Digital Agency for over 4 years. It’s their ability to ensure Sharps remain on the curve of digital marketing developments coupled with a robust and trusted team who can react that continues to impress and reassure Sharps.”

Stephen Morley,Marketing Manager, Sharps

The client

Sharps Bedrooms is the UK’s market leader of fitted bedroom and home office furniture. 

The brief

Sharps were seeking a solution for two key objectives: the first was to obtain crucial intelligence into the usability of their website and the behaviour of their online visitors. The second objective was to leverage these insights in order to make continual data-led improvements to the website in order to increase online conversion rates.

Our approach

Affinity recommended our expert Insights service, which delivers a combination of intelligent online analysis and testing, as well as award-winning website development and improvements.

In month one, advanced tracking was introduced onto the client’s website and their Google Analytics account was audited and upgraded. Our experienced web designers also watched many hours of user session recordings and identified specific journeys and processes that hampered conversion.

One of the most important elements of the Sharps website is its Design Visit and Brochure request forms. Our initial analysis and monitoring uncovered that conversions were being hampered by users who became frustrated with filling in these forms, with many users prematurely abandoning the form process. Our priority was on increasing the conversion rates of both brochure and design visit request forms, to maximise conversion for Sharps. These two forms were continually updated, refined and split-tested in order to maximise conversion over the course of several months.

The results

Our initial analysis showed that users who requested a brochure were 9 times more likely to book a design visit. Subsequently our first split-test involved a complete re-design of the brochure request form, which led to a 41% increase in brochure completion rates.

Our second test built upon the learnings of our first test and led to a similar re-design, this time to the design visit form. The results were also positive, with a 12% increase in design visit completion rates.

Further testing on both forms led to continual measurable conversion rate increases. Over a 5-month period, since the start of our Insights activities Sharps’ Brochure and Design Visit conversion rates increased to their highest ever levels, despite a far broader range of traffic being directed to the website in 2016.

Affinity continue to deliver actionable insights to Sharps whilst continually improving leads and visitor engagement through continual site improvements.

Key Stats

Sharps Brochure Requests increased by 41%
Sharps Design Visits increased by 43%