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Customers follow a number of paths to checkout, using multiple devices and making countless purchasing decisions along the way. Knowing how to adapt your site to maximise conversions – and remove the roadblocks standing in the way of your business outcomes – is vital for improving performance year on year.

With diagnostic technology and expert behavioural research, our optimisation services can help you effectively engage customers, leverage your team and effect change that delivers results and a clear return on investment.

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Insights Audits

Take the guesswork out of your business strategy with actionable insights from our professional analysts.

We use diagnostic technology to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your business, gathering data on everything from how customers interact with your website to key demographics and sales funnels.

Each project is bespoke, tailored to the opportunities and obstacles of your business. Every audit is structured around Affinity’s unique 3-step approach:

Step 1
Each audit begins with an initial review of your business and the consumer landscape in which it operates, helping us to understand your company and shed light on how we can tailor the audit to your needs.
Step 2
Taking what we’ve learnt from our preliminary research, we begin the body of your audit, analysing critical customer touchpoints and reviewing how effectively you engage and connect with your audience.
Step 3
The final stage is the provision of actionable insights. These are laid out in order of importance to help you understand how to prioritise your resources.
UX Audit:

A UX audit can help you understand where your online business needs to improve and the steps you need to take in order to achieve this. We’ve delivered hundreds of audits, helping businesses from all over the world make sense of how they can achieve stronger digital interaction with the single focus of improving their users experience.

  • Site Speed Analysis
  • Colour Contrast Compliance
  • Prioritizer ReportAffinity's custom-built tool
  • Hotjar Site Install
  • Behavioural AnalysisReal time session recordings & 3x Heat/Scroll Maps of key target areas
  • USP & Trust Visibility Observations
  • Navigation/Customer Journey ObservationsAll devices
  • Competitor AnalysisTable form competitor analysis to aid the benchmarking of site tools, service & functionality offered by 2 - 3 sites within your marketplace
  • Key Recommendations List(3 - 5) with the single focus of improving UX & conversion
Insights Audit:

Like many of our customers, when you see how our deliverables make measurable improvements to your online performance, you may choose to make our Insights audit part of your annual business strategy. So don’t wait to fall behind before getting in touch.

  • Overall site performance benchmarking
  • New vs returning customer chart
  • Device type analysisinc metric benchmarking
  • User Demographic AnalysisUser benchmarking
  • Channel performance analysis.SEO/ PPC/ DIRECT/DISPLAY/SOCIAL
  • Inventory benchmarking - Products sales trends - Frequency of orders
  • Exit/Bounce rate insights
  • Site search performance analysisTop performing terms by CR%

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Since working with the affinity insights team they’ve quickly been able to establish areas of our site that needed refinement. The insight they have been able to produce through a systematic cro approached has allowed us to target these areas effectively, resulting in both a positive business and customer experience.
Stephen Dagnell, Company Director