Google Analytics Consultancy

Data is the new oil of the 21st century – allow us to help you succeed online by delivering a Google Analytics strategy that works for you and your business. 

affinity is a Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager certified partner. Our in-house analysts, technical experts and marketing strategists can leverage the full potential of Google’s powerful web and data analysis tool, allowing you to make more informed decisions and better track your business goals. Our services are completely bespoke to your requirements and we can provide you with either one-off projects or on-going Analytics consultancy with your own dedicated Analytics expert.

Google Analytics Health Check

A recent study found that over 90% of GA accounts had been set up in the wrong way. Affinity's Google Analytics experts can undertake a health check on your Google Analytics account to verify the overall data integrity of your website. Our team focuses on verifying the correct setup of your analytics tracking. We also identify potential problems with the data you are using for reporting and decision making. We have 3 of our Google Analytics service (Basic, Standard and Advanced) to choose from. Our Google Analytics expert will be able to advise you on the best package to meet your needs based on your website and objectives. Discover if your analytics has been set up correctly and does it collect what you need it to so that it can be trusted. We will help you create clear monthly reporting for stakeholders that filters out any inaccurate data. This will provide insight into your most effective marketing channels and audience demographics whilst also identifying drop out points so that conversion and ROI can be improved.


We offer bespoke Google Analytics training courses that can be delivered either at affinity’s fully-catered offices, or at your own business premises. Delivered by a Google Analytics-certified expert, we can create a training programme that is designed specifically for you and your team. Whether you require one-to-one training or a bespoke course written for your entire team, affinity’s Analytics experts can provide a training solution that is tailored to your requirements. We also host regular Analytics training seminars – check out our seminars page for a list of upcoming events.

Analytics Setup

The data collated in Google Analytics can make or break the long-term success of your business. If your Analytics account has not been correctly configured or designed to consider future analysis activity, then much of the data you accrue could essentially amount to raw data with little substance. An affinity setup ensures that your Analytics profile is measuring traffic accurately, provides you with meaningful data, and ensures that you are accruing valuable insights that will help you to regularly make informed business decisions. Our Google Analytics setup service costs from just £238.50.

Analytics Audits

If you already have a Google Analytics account set up but would like it audited by an Analytics expert, then an affinity audit will provide you with all the information and advice you require to better understand your website and its users. All of our audits are bespoke and designed to provide you with expert insights and recommendations for improving the overall value of your online operations. Our Analytics audits are not limited to setup recommendations - we can also provide you with detailed reporting, research and user behaviour analysis, as well as highlighting areas of weakness in your website’s functionality, content and product placement. 

Analytics Strategies

The data your website accrues in Google Analytics is an on-going investment that will pay dividends. An expert Analytics strategy can shape your overall marketing ethos and help you to maximise your online return on investment.  As marketing professionals and data analysts, affinity can provide you with tailored Google Analytics strategies that will help define how you report your online performance and measure your online success. We can create a strategy that works in tandem with your business’s assets and internal processes. 

Enhanced E-Commerce

If you feel your e-commerce analytics insights leave a lot to be desired, then one reason could be that you haven’t yet made the necessary step of upgrading to Google Analytics’ Enhanced E-Commerce solution. affinity’s expert team of developers can plan and implement for you this often time-consuming, yet incredibly powerful upgrade to Google Analytics. Gain a true understanding of your users’ interactions through your website’s multitude of products, better measure the impact of various on-site marketing activities and capture even more valuable e-commerce data to help you transform your business. 

Attribution Insights

How did users first discover your website? Which touch points helped increase conversion? Which marketing channels are underperforming? Affinity can help you to answer these questions and provide you with an easy-to-understand report that speaks your language, helping you to make data-driven business decisions 

User Analysis

The user is key, and while data in aggregate form can give you some indication of your overall online performance, understanding the visitor as an individual is the only way you can evolve your online strategy and reap the long-term rewards. affinity can help you to better understand your users and help build a profile that will help inform how you promote, market and engage with your users.

Analytics Helpdesk Support

Many of our clients see us as an extension of their own marketing teams. No matter the query, affinity is on hand to help answer those more complicated Analytics questions, compile detailed reports for one-off projects or campaigns, fix tracking issues, or help resolve an on-going business dilemma through analysing the data and providing the online facts. Your own dedicated Analytics account manager is only ever an email or phone call away to help provide support.

API Integration

If your reporting requirements are bespoke or require integration with your CMS, then our in-house technical and development team can design and produce custom-built reporting tools and platforms that feed data directly via the Google Analytics API system. This is ideal for companies that require a more robust reporting solution or who want to speed up their own internal reporting to save man-hours and reduce costs. 

Contact affinity and speak to one of our Google Certified Analytics experts today. Discover how to leverage the power of your online data.