Flexible, Scalable, Versatile

Our web development team aim to ensure that as your business develops and grows and your business goals change; your Magento website adapts with you. We build Magento websites to be flexible, scalable and versatile so they can adjust quickly to your eCommerce site's changing needs.

What Does Flexible, Scalable, and Versatile Mean?

Magento supports a huge category structure; this means that you can classify the products on your website however you want. This means that you can easily add new product lines to your eCommerce site as well as change any existing categories with simplicity. Magento has also built a reputation for being great for scaling up; a site with one hundred thousand products and fifty thousand categories can be rendered very easily and quickly. Magento also has a vast array of filter options to include in your store; this allows your customers to whittle down their product searches on your website; easily giving them access to the products they want to see as quickly as possible. If you are running promotions on your website you can increase or reduce product prices by a number of criteria including who the customer is; what category a product is in; by product features; whether the customer is retail or trade as well as many more. With a low cost extension Magento can also implement a number of complex delivery and pricing rules to your cart including rules defined by destination; by cart weight; and by retail value among more.  These examples show your site can be quickly changed to meet your needs.

Improved Website Performance

Many of the scalability features of Magento improve the end user experience of your website. In many instances the Magento functions you install increase the speed of your website which allows visitors to use your site in a versatile way to find what they want. There are a number of themes available in Magento; using the right one for your store can improve the performance of your website. Themes can improve site performance by having a particular look or a unique function that encourages customer engagement and drives traffic to the relevant areas of your site. The Affinity developers will work with you to ensure that your website meets the needs of your customers and changes to your business demands.