Data integration and management

Many websites need to handle a variety of information. This can include content; data relating to products, shipping rates; tax; inventory; orders; customers; courier services; CRM information.

These large sets of data (often for 1000s of products) need to be moved quickly ensuring copy is up to date; orders are shipped; stock levels updated and customer data recorded. Therefore integrating your site with other systems allows your business to be more agile and time efficient. For many sites Affinity integrates client’s websites with their existing back office systems and platforms.

Our integration work ranges from API Integration with large ERP platforms to simpler integration with other systems; including many client’s existing back office software; stock control; CRM and accounting operations.

Affinity can offer experience and advice integrating with:

• Payment Gateways

• Shipping / Courier Partners

• Order Fulfilment / EPOS and Stock Control

• CRM Systems and more…

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