Content Population Services

Many clients do not have the available internal resource to undertake time-consuming content population at a certain stage of the new website build and recognising that a delay in content population can prevent a website project from being completed on time, outsource that function to Affinity. Our in-house specialist content population services are cost effectively priced and ensure that web projects remain on plan to be delivered on time.

Content Population
Our content team are experienced in adding content from a variety of sources via your website’s content management system. With a flexible team that can be up-sized to meet demand, we are used to working closely with clients to ensure that content population is both accurate and timely with a proven QA function.

Content Formatting
Because our content team work closely with our creative and design teams they are experienced in making sure that as content is added to your site it is formatted correctly to maintain the integrity of the new page design and brand identity as required.

Content Collation
Sometimes content is not available from one central source and so our content team will work from multiple sources to bring the required content together ready for population. This can include data from spreadsheets, external data sources from other databases, copyright free content from other websites etc.

Asset Creation
The Affinity content team can also create assets for your website as required, this might include images, tables, icons, graphs, videos, animations etc. Again, this is often too time-consuming for clients to produce effectively so with the Affinity Content Team having access to a commercial graphic design studio there is nothing we cannot create for you!

Content Migration
Often we need to migrate existing content from a website across to the new website. Our technical team will look to see if this possible using automated processes which will normally be the most effective way to populate your new site. If this is not possible, our content team will migrate the existing content manually, ensuring that all content is mapped correctly and accurately.

Language Population
We work with a number of trusted translation services depending on individual client requirement (including specialist technical translation services) and can populate different language versions of your website as required.

Image Population & Formatting
Populating images correctly on a website can be one of the more challenging aspects of content population. Our teams are experienced in ensuring that images are cropped to the right format, are optimised for image quality and size, and are available in all of the different format sizes that a particular website application will require. Again, there are sometimes automated routines that can be put in place to be able to bulk upload images without compromising quality – please ask for details.

Meta Data Population & Migration
One of the most important aspects of content population is ensuring that meta data is present, relevant and correct on every web page. Meta data can be migrated from an existing site – Affinity’s technical SEO team work closely with our content teams to make sure everything is mapped correctly in this respect. Where there are gaps in migrated meta data our content team will work with our SEO specialists to make sure correct meta data is added prior to any live deployment.

Content Writing
Where there are gaps in content, Affinity has a team of experienced content writers to call on to actually create strong content for your website. Content is created then submitted for client approval before being added to the website.