Brand Strategy

Smart thinking that creates an impact: that's what you get when you align your brand strategy to your business strategy. Our strategic planners help clients from diverse sectors to shape their brand to create a unique identity in a competitive marketplace. Our sector experience includes financial services; retail; FMCG; travel; agriculture, manufacturing and not for profit. Our unique affinity advertising Planning Toolkit enables brands to align themselves internally; while also driving increased engagement with their audience whether it be consumer; business to business; or in their partner relationships. We'll share how understanding your brand's purpose adds value to your audience and makes your company a special place to work. We'll also show how you can measure its impact on business performance.

Brand Creation & Active Management

Everyone has a brand, but how focused are you on leveraging the potential of yours? New brand? Our strategic planning and creative teams have helped new brands come to life. Starting with the generation of ideas; we help develop the building blocks of your brand; taking these right through to logo design; website and launch materials. Established brand? Brands can always 'do more', and when well managed can work hard for you and your customers. It's been proven that a strong brand can account for up to 70% valuation of your business. Does your brand deserve some TLC? Are you showcasing it and your products and services in their best light? Whether you're a brand leader or challenger; we can help your brand go further.

Internal & Customer Workshops

Strategy and planning are all very well, but insights and ideas come alive in face to face workshops. They can turn ideas on their head, or validate all that hard work beforehand. Either way; it's immensely valuable in both stress testing and perfecting iniatives and cascading information across organisations. Depending on the need; we can plan on site or off site workshops to suit your brief. Often they result from the process of strategic planning and campaign development. From small focus groups to larger meetings; our creative and planning teams work with a wide variety of partners; helping us provide engaging and productive sessions and delivering value in bucket loads.

Identity & Packaging Design

Making it real and making it memorable; identity design can have a huge impact on the success of the launch of your brand and its recognition. Our varied experience in developing a look and feel for a brand spans logo development; stationery; packaging and office branding; right through to livery and uniform.

Brand Guidelines

External branding is more cohesive and consistent when Brand Guidelines are in place. Covering design; tone of voice and best practice; our tried and tested format provides the basis for collating your own brand toolkit. Each Brand Guidelines pack is personalised for every brand we work with. Experience has shown that setting these up removes headaches further down the line. It'll evolve over time; so we advise keeping them fresh; but it enables you to respond quickly to opportunities in a professional manner.

Internal Engagement

Often overlooked; your internal audience is just as; if not more; important than your customer base. Great ideas can succeed or fail depending on the engagement levels of your employees. The clearer your direction and vision, the more equipped and focused your team feel. Hence; internal communications are a key element to the performance of your overall marketing activity. Tailored to suit your budget; we can provide toolkits; communication mechanics and activities to cascade company strategy; updates and capture feedback from your staff along the way.

Brand Measurement & Tracking

Measuring brand impact comes down to setting out clear goals that you want to become famous for. Establishing benchmarks and focusing on driving awareness; perceptions and interaction based on your brand strategy is key. We can help set up heavily geared and detailed brand trackers; but equally utilise online analytics, consumer forums and 'dip tests' to measure shift in brand performance over time.