Why you need a Multi-Channel approach to Marketing


Consumer behaviour has undergone a massive change since the advent of smartphones and online shopping, but the last two years have made an impact.

Thanks to the pandemic, shoppers crave convenience more than ever. And the cost-of-living crunch means they’re also striving for affordability and value for money, so how can businesses keep up?

A multi-channel approach to marketing is key in this day and age to allow shoppers to find brands easily, research the products and services they want before buying, compare prices or reviews, and click and collect the same day to save time.

What is a multi-channel marketing campaign?

Simply put, it’s marketing your product, service or business across multiple platforms. A typical campaign can include print advertising, digital advertising, social media, website, emails, content and more.

Multi-channel marketing, or omnichannel marketing, is not a new thing. 87% of retailers consider it essential to their ROI, but actually achieving that success is far more elusive.

So, how does multi-channel marketing help you reach your goals?

We all have KPIs to track our successes and ROI, but how do you assess performance with hard-to-measure platforms such as print advertising or brand awareness campaigns? And how do you know they’re helping you reach your targets? Do you want to…

  • Reach more people?
  • Improve brand awareness?
  • Improve lead quality?
  • Deliver an improved user experience?
  • Drive more traffic?
  • Improve customer loyalty?

The fact is, all of these are achievable with a multi-channel campaign if you do it right.

Your marketing across these platforms works together as a whole to streamline your overall message and create a joined-up journey for your customers. Your out-of-home marketing may increase brand awareness and reach new customers, your PPC advertising maximises customer consideration, and your social media marketing boosts their engagement and loyalty – they combine to deliver a 360° view of your business and reach customers at every point in the marketing funnel. Which, of course, helps you reach your end goals.

Still not convinced?

You may think that print advertising is long past its usefulness and that you only get decent sales through your PPC campaigns, but research suggests that marketing campaigns using four or more channels perform 300% better than those with only one or two channels.

So, the message is clear, advertise wherever your customers are with cohesive and effective messaging, and you’ll deliver a joined-up and streamlined campaign that will convert more efficiently and deliver an improved ROI.

How can we help?

We have years of experience supporting long-term clients with multi-channel marketing campaigns across brand work, offline marketing, digital and print advertising, and so much more. Why not check out our multi-channel services and some case studies for more information on how we can support you and deliver multi-channel campaigns that work?

Why you need a Multi-Channel approach to Marketing

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