New work commences for Food Safety Research Network


Having worked with the Quadram Institute for a number of years Affinity are thrilled to be working with the Food Safety Research Network  to help tackle food poisoning in the UK – hosted by Quadram.

Whilst many of us may assume food poisoning to be something rare and easy to overcome, the bacteria that causes it (known as listeria) does have a high mortality rate. 

So, what exactly causes food poisoning? It’s usually:

Improper handling and storage of food
Pathogen transfer from livestock into the food chain
Food handled by someone that is ill
Food products that have not been processed correctly during production.

Listeria is surprisingly easy to transmit, and it's thought that food poisoning costs the UK up to a whopping £9 billion each year. The UK Food Safety Network aims to tackle this public health problem by working with the food industry and relevant policymakers to minimise the threat and reduce any drain on public resources.  

So, where does Affinity come in? Affinity are working closely with the Network on their new identity, branding, digital assets and content. The first phase of this work has recently taken place in the form of a branding workshop for the Network. 

Affinity brand workshops help to make ideas come alive, inspire winning strategies, and help inform key business decisions. These workshops are a core part of our brand services, alongside brand strategy, creation, active management, identity – and much more. 

Our creative director, Gideon Graylyons, adds: ‘It was great to meet the team, and we received lots of feedback about proposed activities, which will help form a solid foundation for quality branding in the future.’

We’re proud to be trusted by some of the UK’s leading organisations to develop winning brands, whether it’s hosting a workshop or stress-testing creative ideas. 

You can find out more about Affinity branding expertise here.


New work commences for Food Safety Research Network

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