Upgrading to GA4 – a case study.


With the phasing out of Google Analytics in July 2023 you'd think switching over to the new GA4 would be simple. However it's far from pushing a few buttons and often requires initially resolving issues with existing Analytics to insure robust data is going to be available for YOY comparisons. In this news update we look at a case study to give you a deeper insight to why seeking assistance now rather than later makes sense.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is one of the longest established home-schooling colleges in the world, operating and offering courses in more than 120 countries.

The marketing team at Wolsey Hall reached out to Affinity to resolve ongoing data issues within their existing Universal Analytics account, including:

  • Traffic being incorrectly passed to the site as a referral
  • Cross-domain tracking
  • Improved goal tracking
  • Verifying the quality & accuracy of data collection
  • Traffic exclusion based on hostname, yet still retain tracking form conversion data via sub-domain

Alongside this, the team wanted an agency to support in the set-up and implementation of GA4, to begin collecting data for a future transition.
Affinity worked closely with the marketing manager at Wolsey Hall to establish how users were engaging with the site, what key actions were taken and how users would transition between Domain A (the main site) with Domain B (Sub-domain to register interest for a course).

Affinity analysed where referral traffic was stemming from and outlined a plan to fix all of the outstanding issues. All implementation, management and tag firing processes were executed through Google Tag Manager, which will enable the team to view change history and manage existing tags themselves in the future, with the ability to easily isolate and amend individual elements of tracking depending on requirements.

Finally, we implemented GA4 via Google Tag Manager, ensuring cross-domain tracking was in place, events and goals were replicated from the existing UA and building a dataset for the future.”

Get ready for the switch and make a headstart on gathering better data whilst ensuring your business is prepared for the future. If you would like Affinity to answer your questions about the switch please click here


Upgrading to GA4 – a case study.

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