East Suffolk Council Appoint Affinity


Affinity are pleased to announce they have been appointed by East Suffolk Council to work on an exciting new project to design and create a ‘Lowestoft Place Making Website’

The new site will act as a central point of information to showcase the amazing work going on in Lowestoft through the regeneration programme, the sheer scale of what is being achieved locally through these projects and the amount of investment this is generating for the local area. Whilst using innovative approaches to place making and cultural regeneration in collaboration with the local residents and business community. 

Thomas Lubbock, Strategic and Business Development Director at Affinity commented "The team at Affinity are looking forward to working on this project which when launched will be a wonderful showcase of the work being undertaken to help transform Lowestoft"

The new site will launch in the 2nd quarter of this year.

East Suffolk Council Appoint Affinity

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