Affinity and our clients adapting to the ‘new normal’

After two months of lock down it’s hard to argue that everyday life isn’t different. It’s also safe to say your customer’s behaviour has changed. Certain sectors online have seen massive demand surges and here at Affinity we’ve been helping our clients to adapt to a ‘new normal’
Being able to respond to the increased demand has been essential and paid marketing strategies have seen many Affinity clients triumph in these changing times.
In the past month we have seen a return from client’s paid budgets of between 35 to 50 times of investment – up to £50 return for every £1 spent. We told you times had changed!
So what else have Affinity been doing to assist our clients rise to these challenges and how have our client’s been adapting?
–  Many of our retail clients have seen their physical premises closed and therefore the online channel has become paramount. In the last 2 months we have been commissioned to introduce ecommerce facilities to many client’s websites for the first time together with being appointed to build new sites.
–  Affinity have developed new functionality for many clients to not only enhance their online selling proposition but also react to changing legislation and advice. We’re introducing ‘Click and Collect’ systems for many clients who didn’t have them before and enhancing others so customers can elect time slots to collect their goods and avoid queuing.
–  Some Affinity clients have adapted their product range to meet demand for new items, for example PPE. LMB are a long standing Affinity client and they have diversified into manufacturing adult and child face masks from recycled materials. Affinity have aided this new venture with marketing to drive traffic to LMB’s site including writing and seeding content such as this blog article.
– Affinity have helped clients including Bernard Matthews to launch interim sites to answer strategic challenges – in this case how to recruit team members to meet growing demand.
– Some online platforms including Google and Facebook have been offering support during these challenging times by providing  grants for advertising, matching online spends and in some cases free advertising including Google Shopping Feeds. We talk in more detail about these offers here and can help you access this valuable support.
Even as plans are discussed to ease lockdown and slowly reintroduce elements of ‘normal’ life I think we can all agree things aren’t ever going to be quite the same for a long time.
If you’d like to discuss how Affinity can assist you adapt and change talk to us today.
Affinity and our clients adapting to the ‘new normal’

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