COVID-19: support – Marketing, Communications and more

For many businesses these uncertain times will see a mixed response, some will look to wind down operations but some, especially online based operations will be still able to operate and are already experiencing increases in demand. We are also seeing some operations that didn’t sell online or provide online ordering services, are now looking to move that way with some urgency. This may be a temporary move for them or indeed a new longer term strategy. 
A survey of more than 35,000 consumers* this week resulted in only 8% of them suggesting brands should stop advertising due to the coronavirus outbreak. One thing is for certain, we will need to pull together and stay positive and look for opportunities. We should look to provide and share resources as much as possible, to ensure continuity and get through this as unscathed as possible.
We have put together a short list with a number of different resources available for businesses and individuals. This list will eventually grow, so do keep in touch with us and find out more about what is out there for you. 
•  Facebook  –  offering $100M in cash grants and ad credits to help you connect with your customers – more details are yet to be released on it but 30,000 eligible small businesses in over 30 countries will be eligible. Whilst putting together campaigns can be tricky, Affinity are able to provide some initial, free advice on where to start
•  Google AdWords – whilst nothing specific has been released 
•  Zoom – web conferencing and video chat software – lifted a 40-minute limit on the free version of its products
•  Microsoft – offering free access to its Teams Group Chat and Collaboration software, as well as a 6-month free trial for some of its basic package of Office 365 enterprise 
•  Meerodrop – unlocked advanced features that are usually paid, like sending files up to 10GB
•  Loom – the Pro plan is now free / will also remove the recording limit for its free plan, cut the Pro plan price in half and extend pro trials
•  LinkedIn – offering 16 courses for free
•  Affinity – free SEO audit on your existing website.
If you’d like more advice on how your operation can benefit from these incentives or indeed would like to discuss how you should be planning your marketing (both in the short and long term) during this crisis then please get in touch.
Affinity are offering a FREE SEO site audit which will help to identify how to prepare your site and take advantage of increased search activity. To book yours simply contact our support team today or simple fill in this form here 
*Source – Kantar


COVID-19: support – Marketing, Communications and more

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