How can you increase your visibility and revenue through Amazon?

Make Amazon work harder for you…
Search Engine Optimisation for your listings counts.
Within your Amazon listings, Search Engine Optimisation is as vital in generating sales as it is on your website. Existing Amazon users who are searching, as well as those searching across all websites within Google etc will be using the most popular keywords relating to your brand and products. Whilst there are free tools available to help identify what buyers are searching for most frequently, they only provide limited information, and many are paid for only. The affinity marketing team uses a wide range of professional tools and are able to analyse and gain in-depth insights to help get the most out of each and every campaign.
Increase your chances of your products being found.
To help increase visibility and reach, it is well worth investing further in sponsored product adverts.
Much the same as search engines and other PPC advertising campaigns work, advertisers are only charged when the advert listing is clicked.
Know your competitors
Understanding where you are in terms of the Amazon market and keeping up to date with who else is out there and what they are doing is a must. Look at the following;
• Price: Most online shoppers are savvy and looking for the best deal, specifically Amazon shoppers, they will spend longer on average to get the best price
• Images: The same as on your website, the quality of the product imagery can make all the difference in terms of influencing a decision and inspiring the buyer. Poor quality images are likely to deter them and go elsewhere. How do your images compare to your competitors?
• Product descriptions: If you are below your competitors’ listings, this could well be down to the quality of the content, specifically within your own product listings. Specifically, your product headline and descriptions will require optimisation. If you are lacking SEO knowledge, it is worth speaking to an expert.
Affinity currently manage PPC campaigns across multiple platforms, including Amazon, for several B2C and B2B clients, selling a wide range of products.
Correct use of categorisation
Put some serious thought into, as well using data analysis, how people are searching and the categories in which they expect your products to be in. Users will find products by browsing categories and subcategories as well as using the search bar. Affinity carry out thorough keyword research, utilising their knowledge of product marketing and categorisation, ultimately saving you time and money and ensuring a higher conversion rate.
Ratings and reviews
Aside from the price, the product ratings and reviews are a huge decision-making factor. People will inevitably trust other ‘people’ over the brand when it comes to claims about the product. How many reviews as well as the quality of the reviews on a product, both contribute to the decision-making process. Users will especially focus on the negative reviews, responding in a positive, constructive way, offering a solution, is key to helping the user to choose you over another vendor.
Offers and coupons
Where possible, offer an incentive for a first-time purchase and repeat purchases, for example; 10% off for multiple products or for returning customers etc. This isn’t always possible or may not seem viable, however, it is worth at least considering maximising product performance.
Use Social Media to promote
Using your own social pages, promote your Amazon listings. Don’t underestimate the power of sharing, this is still very much a good way of keeping your customers up to date with what you have to offer and any deals they may be missing out on. Users are more likely to respond on social media than to an email.
Keep a close eye on your seller rating
As well as helping with building your credibility, your seller rating can bring with it some added seller benefits. Along with some other factors, winning the ‘buy box’ is one of these benefits. The product that wins the Buy Box is the default choice when a user clicks ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now.’ This means that your selling chances are increased greatly.
Equally, a low seller rating will be punished by Amazon with less visibility. Affinity’s specialist team will monitor your seller rating, identify potential opportunities and make changes or recommendations.
How can you increase your visibility and revenue through Amazon?

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