Triggered cart abandonment emails are a must-have to recover lost sales


It’s likely that you’re losing customers everyday through cart abandonment – they’ll add something to their cart but then get distracted, or don’t have time to check out, and then a sale is lost. Triggered cart abandonment emails can help stop many sales from not happening, as they’re shown to generate a sales uplift of 8% on their own, so they’re worth it to recover sales that weren’t fulfilled. 

As well as fulfilling lost orders, they could also be helping you sell more. Including a feature that recommends and includes alternative or similar products, or items you think the consumer will enjoy based on what they already have in their cart could help put sales up. With 35% of consumers stating that they would be interested in receiving emails with relevant products, this is likely a feature that would be popular – as it not only provides them with the opportunity to buy what they may have lost from before, but shows them new products they might not have noticed previously. 

However, you must make sure that your cart abandonment emails are working well. They should be sent out within an hour of the cart being abandoned, so that it’s still relevant to the consumer and they’re likely still thinking about it, and they should be personalised, so that it seems more thoughtful rather than just a business transaction. Once you have them figured out, they’ll likely save you a lot of lost sales, and you can also start implementing other, similar features, such as browse abandonment emails. 

Triggered cart abandonment emails are a must-have to recover lost sales

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