How important is mobile speed to your digital success?


With over 1.2 billion people now accessing the internet via their mobile phones and top-ranking websites having the fastest mobile loading times, it’s important to have a robust, multi-platform strategy if you want to avoid sinking to page two of Google or ceding potential customers to your competitors.
That’s why we’re going to explain what a fast mobile site can do for your business, and what to do if your website is a little sluggish.


Mobile speed and conversion

47% of consumers expect websites to load within two seconds or less – and according to data collected by Google, more than half of visits to mobile sites are abandoned if they take more than three seconds to load.
This means that a slow mobile store could deter more than half of your customers before they’ve even seen your site. And considering what we just learnt about how many people currently access the internet using their smartphones, this could seriously hamper your conversions online.


 Mobile speed and visibility


Mobile searches have outnumbered desktop searches since 2015, so it’s in Google’s best interest to cater to mobile users. As a result, mobile user experience plays a key role in search rankings – even in desktop searches.

This is completely different to how Google’s index used to work. Before, search engines only took desktop experience into consideration. But pages are now indexed and ranked depending on the experience of mobile users, so it’s important to optimise your site with this in mind if you want to stand a chance of ranking well and driving organic traffic.

This is where Affinity can help. We’re currently offering a free mobile speed audit that enables clients to achieve greater visibility online and uplift conversion rates. You can contact our client services team on 01603 663093 or get in touch here.

How important is mobile speed to your digital success?

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